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Awesome Cab that tastes aged already!

5 Jul

2012 Farm Collective Napa Cabernet ($35-$40)

This is simply an amazing Cabernet.  It punches way above it’s price point ($40 ish), by tasting more like an $80+ properly cellared aged wine.  The nose has wonderful aromas of cigar box and leather.  The flavors are super fresh with lush mouthfeel.  The fruit is simply gorgeous.  Ends with a nice spicy twist and a long caressing finish.  After having this at my neighbors 4th of July dinner party, I went online the next morning and immediately ordered 10 bottles for my collection.  Freakishly good wine.
Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


Lodi Estates Cabernet Sauvignon – 2012

31 Jul

2012 Lodi Estates Cabernet Sauvignon – $12.95

Easily the best Cabernet at this price point I’ve ever tasted.  Requires significant decanting time at this point (2-3 hours), but the reward is great.  This is a very fruit forward and pleasing wine with good aromas on the nose, followed by pure fruit with some essential “Cabernet” nuances, and then a decently long finish.  For a retail price of less than $15 USD, this wine is simply INCREDIBLE!  After tasting my first bottle out of a stash of 6, I hurried back to the wine shop and picked up a case.  Trust me, it is that good. Better when paired with cheeses versus steak.